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I am very happy with my daughter’s progress in piano. Teacher and I communicate to clarify our goals. She is very understanding and keeps her interest in her learning without feeling pressured or being stressed out. Thanks.(Christine Natareno, mother of Vanessa)

My daughter absolutely loves coming to her piano lesson every week. I’ve never seen her so interested in getting her theory and homework done every day. She really likes her teacher. (Debbie T. , mother of Krystal)

Our kids’ experience has been great. Teachers are approachable and accommodating. (Tokne Pagcanlungan, Anton and Carlo’s mom)

 Excellent music classes. The teachers are interested in the progress of their students and make the classes enjoyable. (Lynn Varga, Aidan and Liam’s mom)

My son started about a year ago, he was 9 at the time. Now, a year later most people who hear him play are quite impressed. (Karen Gebreyohannes, Tymeshu and Mulu’s mom)

The teacher is very knowledgeable and good at relaying his skills to my son. (Evan Lau’s mother)

Excellent school, programs and teachers. Very supportive and flexible to student’s needs. (Vjera Vrban, Sandra and Matthew’s mom)

My son loves coming here and looks forward to it weekly. (Jeremy Chowen’s mom)

Teachers are highly professional. They set the pace of learning according to the nature of the student. My son is really involved in his piano lessons so he is learning very fast. (Samina Khatri, Ahad’s mom)

Music teachers here are highly motivating making my child’s experience much more satisfactory and enjoyable. Thank You! (Georgina Matthew, Alex and Valerie’s mom)