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 Summer Classes and Camps 2019
Enrich your child's summer and keep them active with a wide variety of music , dance and art programs.  A summer classes is the perfect way to try something new or enhance existing skills. 
Summer Classes run from July 2 - August 31. You can join classes at any time .

Summer Performing Arts Camp (Full day or Half Day )

Princess Preschool Camp (Half day )  Ages 4-7 

Music and Dance (ages 3-6)

If your child loves to sing & dance then our Music & Dance class is a convenient option for you.  Music & Dance is our preschool music program and preschool dance class scheduled back-to-back to make it more convenient for parents.  The individual components of each portion are identical to taking preschool music or preschool dance as their own separate classes, it just puts the classes back to back to make the schedule easier for parents wishing to enroll their child in both music and dance.

Classes run on Tuesday 5.30 -6.10 pm Music class and 6.15 -7.00 pm Princess Ballet Dance Class

or Saturday 10.00  -10.45 am Kindergarten Dance and 10.45 -11.25 am Music Class

Tuition Fees are $122.40 +HST. To register call school 905.821.1142 or register for 2 separate classes online.

Dance Weekly Classes (ages 1.5 -16)   Summer Schedule 2019

Music Lessons (ages 4+)  Summer Schedule 2019 

Weekly private summer music lessons are available for piano, voice, guitar, violin, flute, saxophone, clarinet and drums

"GLEE CLUB" Vocal Group Class

Art Classes (ages 3 - Adults)

Online Registration: The tuition fee are per month (based on 4 lessons in a month). Tuition: taxes  not included.