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Toddler and Preschool Music 

At CP School of Music and Arts  we offer unique music programs designed to enhance your child’s enjoyment of music and development of musical skills while nurturing their self-esteem and confidence.  Our program combines various concepts based upon the pedagogical approaches of Carl Orff (using a combination of music, movement, drama, and speech),  Dalcroze (using body movement to experience different elements of music  as tempo, rhythms, dynamics, musical expressions, etc.)  and Zoltán Kodály (using hand signs, singing in pitch, unison singing, folk songs).

Toddler Music 

Ages 1.5-3

These fun classes explore music through musical movement, singing, expressive movement, song games, imaginary play and musical instrument play. Through song, instrumental play, and creative movement we explore the concepts of pitch, rhythm, timbre, tempo, beat, and improvisation. Class includes play with a wide range of non-pitched percussion instruments and the introduction of pitched percussion instruments (xylophones).

Class will consists of welcome and warm-up, greeting songs with students names using pre-Kodály hand signs; singing (using stories, in unison, round, using Kodály hand signs), movements (using scarves, games, other percussion instruments, e.g. shakers, bean bags ), playing instruments (percussion:non-pitched and pitched, Orff, handbells), listening/music appreciation/music theory.

Preschool(Preparatory Music)

Ages 3-5

The preschool music program is a fun, group music class for children ages 3-5, designed to teach the basic fundamentals of music and prepare them to go into private instrumental lessons when they are older.

The classes cover:

  • Movement and music
  • Learning to sing and listen
  • Making music with percussion instruments
  • Recognition of orchestral instruments
  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Elementary note recognition

The rhythm component is taught through fun games with rhythm sticks, triangles, shakers, hand drums, etc. Melody concepts are learned through lots of singing and singing games. They will learn high – low, loud – soft, pitch, major – minor, etc. In the notation component of the class, the students learn how to recognize musical symbols such as treble clef, bass clef, half note, whole note, etc.

Online Registration: Tuition fees are per month (based on 4 classes in a month) for all classes. HST is not included.