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Sing With Me

Do you have a favourite singer you listen to and wish you could sing like them? Have you ever thought about taking vocal lessons but not sure if you would like it? Sign up for our online workshop “sing with me” that will help you get started! In this four week workshop, students will learn how the voice works, proper breathing, good practice and performance habits. Register online today, you don’t want to miss this workshop!

Songwriting 101 

Have you ever wondered how songwriters create a song with good lyrics? You are in luck, we are holding our first ever songwriting workshop!
This four week workshop will teach you how to get started, song structure and what makes a good song lyric. You don’t have to have any experience writing songs to join this fun workshop! Register today!

Theory Bootcamp 

Do you play an instrument and want to continue improving on your skills? Theory is your answer! 

Our “Theory Bootcamp” workshop will walk you through the fundamental concepts professional musicians use to this day. This will be done in a fun and interactive way that will get you to the musician you want to be! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!