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Discover Dance 

Have you ever wondered which class to put your child in when it comes to dance lessons? Look no further, discover dance is your way to determine which genre of dance your child likes best!
In this workshop, students will learn different styles of dance each week from ballet, jazz, hiphop and more. Register today! Your child will fall in love with dance!

Hip Hop

Over the years, hiphop has become a popular dance for children and adults. From popping, locking, breaking and house, hiphop has many elements that make up this unique style.

In this workshop, children will be taught the fundamentals of hiphop and learn a dance they can virtually show off to their friends and family. Hiphop classes are fun, exciting and suitable for all ages! Sign up below!

Tik Tok Dance

Introducing our newest dance workshop, TikTok dance. TikTok has become a popular app where individuals can record videos of themselves performing a dance and interact with others around the world. This four week workshop will allow students to learn the most popular dances, make up their own TikTok video and interact with other children who share the same passion. You do not want to miss out on this workshop, sign up today!

Princess Adventure

Has your little one imagined themselves as a princess and danced around the house like Cinderella, Moana or Elsa? Keep reading because this workshop will take your child on a princess adventure.

During this four week workshop, children will imagine they are different princesses and move through their space. It will allow for children to improve creativity and body awareness when performing creative movement.