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COVID-19 Safety Policies And Procedures

To ensure the health and safety of our students and faculty, we will implement the following policies and procedures  related to COVID-19. We will follow safety guidelines outlined by the Ontario Government and the Public Health, our policies and procedures are subject to change as provincial and regional guidelines evolve. 


Staff will not report to work if, within the last 14 days, they have been unwell or have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.  Anyone coming into CP School of Music and Arts must complete a Passive Screening prior to arrival. Signs will be posted  on the entrance door. Students must not come to class if, within the last 14 days they have been unwell or have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.


Hand sanitizers will be set up at the entrance, as well as in each room for staff and student use. Children must sanitize their hands before class and will be supervised in the use of hand sanitizer. We will clean all hard touched surfaces daily throughout the studio to ensure that our students and staff are kept safe. In addition, we will sanitize the piano keys, ballet barres, door knobs after each class. Thorough cleaning will be done at the end of each day.

FACE COVERING REQUIRED: Everybody over the age of 2 must wear mask while inside the building and the hallways.

  • DANCE AND ART CLASSES : Once dancers /art students are in their physically distanced spots  (2 meters apart ) in the room, they may remove their mask and clip it to their bag. Dancers have the option to wear their mask during class if parents prefer.
  • MUSIC CLASSES : students and teachers will be required to wear masks.
  • VOICE CLASSES: all voice classes will run in the bigger sized classrooms to maintain 2 meters distances with a safety guard glass.

ARRIVING : students can arrive only 5 minutes prior to the class. Our main door will be used as an entrance and side door as an exit . Students should wait for the class practicing physical distancing and following marks on the floor or sitting in the waiting area . Our office staff will assist all students in navigating them into their classroom. Our preschool classes will have one parent join their dancer in the class until dancers feel comfortable, parents will be a part of the class, supporting their dancer’s learning, and assisting with our physical distancing measures. Parents who join their dancer will need to follow all of the policies and procedures and will stay inside their special dance box with their child.

GROUP CLASS SIZES : Dance and Art Class sizes will be limited due to physical distance measures and the size of each studio (Studio A - 6 students ; Studio b - 4 students; Art Studio - 4 students) . There will be no body contact (eg. hugs, high fives, holding hands, partner work or contact improvisation etc).


– Students should come dressed and ready for class. They should bring a small bag for dance shoes, water bottle and their outside clothing. While weather permits, all outer wear is to be left outside of the school.

– Each studio will have 2 m by 2 m boxes outlined in colorful tape to mark each dancer’s space. This will help to guide students to keep physically distanced during class. Teachers will incorporate these boxes creatively within the dance curriculum.

– Students are permitted to use the washrooms if needed, and must practice physical distancing and wear a mask when moving from the studio to the washroom (if over the age of 5). They must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before re-entering the studio space.

– When class is over, students will line up practicing physical distancing. They will use hand sanitizer as they leave the building.

– Parents are asked to be punctual when picking up their dancers. Parents of younger dancers should line up at their pick up location to collect their children, so they are not walking through the parking lot on their own.


Students and teachers  will be required to wear mask during their class. Pencils, pens and erasers should be brought together with their music book for each class.


students can take their mask off once at their desk , desk will be placed 2 meters apart , students are required to bring their own art supplies . List of supplies will be given by your teacher .