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Art Classes for children ages 4 - Adults in our Mississauga Studio and Online

CP School of Music and Arts offering art classes based on Monart  Method designed by Mona Brookes,  the author of Drawing  with Children.  

This world-renown art program has been taught to tens of thousands of students and teachers in public, private schools and in Monart franchised schools.  

This method involves training students to perceive an “alphabet” of sorts focused on five basic elements of shape families that combine to form all objects. By learning to view the world through these five elements and how to transcribe the information to paper, everyone, so-called “drawers” and “non-drawers” can learn to become artists in their own right and develop their own unique style of realistic interpretation. 

Just as we are taught how to combine basic phonetic rules to read, musical notes to play an instrument, and dance steps to dance, this method teaches the individual to draw using the five basic Elements of Shape. Once students recognize these elements, they are guided as to how they might combine them on paper so that their drawings represent what they see.  During our classes  we explore a wide range of subject matter, media, and artistic techniques so that students may continually develop their skills at their own pace.

Kinder Art (ages 4-6)

This program is  an introduction to representational drawing geared to the attention span and motor coordination of 4 to 6 year olds. Students work on their ability to recognize the elements of shape and combine them in drawing the creatures from nature and objects from their world. Students will receive phonic learning of the alphabet integrated into the drawing lessons.

Media: Markers, chalk pastels, acrylic paint and occasional watercolor

Lessons:  The lessons include drawing exercises and projects that are designed so that the child will experience the connection between Phonics and reading, and the learning of the names, places or animals while finding the wonder in drawing and expressing themselves through art. Lessons are designed to be fun and engaging.


  • Teaches representational drawing skills
  • Teaches Focus and ability to follow instructions.
  • Teaches creativity and self-expression.
  • Encourages Reading readiness
  • Enhances eye hand coordination
  • Develops handwriting skills naturally while drawing

Fundamentals of Arts 

(6 to 13 Years Old)

Students will use a variety of media, incorporate the Elements of shape , learn to see and draw realistically, and have the creativity to create their drawings with self expression.

Media for Drawing Made Easy: 

Colored Pencil, Marker, Oil Pastel, Chalk Pastel, Marker

Media for or Fundamentals of Arts : Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Marker, Oil Pastel, Chalk Pastel, Acrylic Paint, Marker

In Fundamentals of Arts class they are also given the chance to explore a wide range of subject matter, media, and artistic techniques so that students may continually progress at their own pac.


As our artists start drawing through the program they will learn techniques to see the world around them and translate this newfound vision into the two-dimensional and tree-dimensional world of drawing. Children will draw from lessons that have a focus on geography, people, scenery, objects, animals nature ,the human form, perspective, and proportion.


  • Increases more independent interpretation of instructions.
  • Teaches use of a variety of mediums.
  • Builds skill levels for independent creativity
  • Includes proportion, prospective, and shading, through simplified ways of teaching

Classes generally meet once a week and run continually throughout the academic year. Our curriculum and projects are designed to present a progressing level of skill and challenge so that students can gain the most out of our program. Our small class size and individualized instruction allows you to join at any time.

Portfolio Preparation 

This course is aimed at students who intend to apply for a foundation course and will focus on the major areas that  should be represented in an applicant's folder

Private Lessons

Private lessons focus on accommodating individual needs and expectations.The pace of lessons is driven by the student's ability and desire to learn.

Please contact the school office if you need to arrange private art classes or portfolio preparation

Online Registration: The tuition fee are per month (based on 4 lessons in a month). Tuition: taxes not included